Good Friday today!

Good Friday is the start of the long Easter weekend here in the UK. Today is a bank holiday and so is Monday! Shops are full of Easter eggs and all sorts of decorations. How lovely! I am looking forward to going on an Easter egg hunt with the children and eating lots of chocolate!

The 'Good' in Good Friday comes from old English when Good meant Holy. So you could call Good Friday, 'Holy Friday'.
There are parades all over the world to celebrate and remember Good Friday. In Spain and some other countries, people who are very sorry for their wrong doings (called 'Penitents') walk through the streets wearing long robes with hoods and carrying a big cross of wood.
In some countries, including the U.K., sometimes a single person or group of church members carry a large wooden cross, around the streets near the church, before the Good Friday service. They may be also followed by the rest of the people going to church. Sometimes they will stop and have a reading from the Bible or sing a song before going to the service.
In most Anglican churches, there are no flowers or decoration such as alter-cloths in the church on Good Friday.
One of my favourite Good Friday customs is Hot Cross buns! These are yeast dough buns with currants and raisins in them and they have a cross on the top. You can eat them cold.or  toasted with butter and jam on!  

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