August 2022

What a beautiful summer! Many of you have been practising your English with our summer courses and now looking forward to moving up to the next level in September! Well done to you all!

July 2022

Happy Summer! It's time to enjoy some lovely weather and maybe take a holiday! Take a look at the worksheets on travelling and holidays and learn some useful vocabulary. Keep on practising your English!

June 2022

Good luck everyone with your exams this month! Practise and be confident!

May 2022

Happy May Day everyone! Do you celebrate the 1st May in your countries? Look at these children dancing around a Maypole. It looks great fun, doesn't it?

April 2022

April is a fun- packed month with lots of celebrations! April 1st is April Fool's Day here in the Uk! It's the day people may play a trick on you so be careful! Read all about it below. April Fool's traditions In the UK, jokes and tricks can be played up until noon on 1 April. After midday it's considered bad luck to play a trick. Anyone who forgets this and tries a joke in the afternoon becomes an 'April Fool' themselves. So, what kind of jokes do people play? Well, a simple example would be telling your friend that their shoelaces are undone. Then, when they bend down to do them up, you shout, 'April Fool!', and they realise their shoelaces are fine. Maybe it's not your kind of humour, but watch out, there's always someone who will find it hilarious! In Ireland, a popular prank is to send someone on a 'fool's errand'. The victim is sent to deliver a letter, supposedly asking for help. When the person receives the letter, t

March 2022

March is such a beautiful month! There is so much colour with so many flowers in bloom. 1st March is Pancake Day here in the UK. Why not have a go at making some? Pancake recipe