Personalised online learning

Let's start by thinking about what you need to learn and how I can help you.

Everybody has different reasons for wanting to study English. That's why classes need to be personalised to make sure they are useful and relevant to each individual learner. Think about the answers to these questions, please.

Why do you want to study English?
Are you already living in the UK?
Do you plan to come to the UK?
Do you need English for work?
Do you need to practise your conversation skills?
Do you find it hard to speak English in class or at work?
Do you need help with understanding grammar?
Are you preparing to take an exam?

How can I help you?

I can help you gain confidence and skills with structured 1-1 conversation practice online from the comfort of your home

Reading and writing
Together we will decide which topics and texts to use to make sure everything is useful and relevant for you. Remember! It is YOUR course!

I would like to interview you properly ( we can use a platform - zoom, teams or meet or phone or you can simply complete a written application form if you prefer) and I will assess you to make sure we start at the right level. I will continue to assess you during the course to make sure you are improving.

We will agree the number of sessions you require and what the main focus will be.

Contact for more information

Prepare to live in the UK
Preparation for exams
Be a confident speaker


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