Worksheet 12 Holidays 2

Online session planning - Prepare to speak about the holiday you are planning.

Prepare answers to the following questions. There are lots of opportunities for different tenses.

Where are you planning to go?  When? With whom?
How will you travel? Think about the different ways you could travel? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different means of transport?
Have you booked yet?
Why do you want to go there?
Have you been before?
What do you hope to do and see?

Practise you tenses

Prepare to speak about your dream holiday.

Where would you like to go?
Who do you want to go with?
How would you like to travel?

Look at the pictures

Describe what you see. Where do you think it is? What can you do there? Who would like this place? Would you like it?  Think of questions you can ask me.

Image result for travel  pictures uk
Image result for travel  pictures uk

Image result for travel  pictures uk


.Image result for travel  pictures uk


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