Worksheet 18: Time to Study!

Expressions with time

How many do you know?

Can you tell me the time. please?
Time for a drink/ for dinner/ for bed/ to get up/to go home
To run out of time
To be on time
To time it right
Time will tell
Time goes by
Have a nice time!

To time ( verb) 
A timer 

Some popular idioms related to time with their meaning and an example

Time flies

Meaning: Time passes extremely quickly
Example: The class is over already, how time flies!

It’s high time

Meaning: It’s the right time to do something,you shouldn't leave it any longer.
Example: It’s high time you practised speaking more.

Better late than never

Meaning: Doing something late is better than not doing it at all. It can be used sarcastically if someone is very late.
Example: (Class started 15 minutes ago).  You just arrive.  Better late than never! 

At the eleventh hour

Meaning: Almost too late or at the last possible moment.
Example: We only just finished in time, there was so much to do 

In the long run

Meaning: In the long term, over a long period of time.
Example: I don't really want to have English classes everyday,  but I know in the long run this will be beneficial for me.

Make up for lost time

Meaning: To catch up, to do something intensely to make up for a long period of not doing it.
Example: Where have you been for so long? I have been with an old friend, we had to make up for lost time and talked for hours.

In the nick of time

Meaning: at the last possible moment, just before it’s too late.
Example: I made it to the wedding in the nick of time, I almost missed the ceremony.

Call it a day

Meaning: To finish working on something, a day’s work’s been completed.
Example: We’ve been working for a long time on this with no progress. Let’s call it a day and come back with new ideas tomorrow.

Not born yesterday

Meaning: Experienced, not naïve or easily fooled.

Example: You can’t expect me to believe that the dog ate your homework! I wasn't born yesterday!


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