Speak about a bad day


Read the text and complete the grammar exercises. Prepare to speak about a day in your life when things went wrong!



A terrible day!


Today was a terrible day! I usually go to school by bus, but today I went by car. It was raining, so my mother gave me a ride. But her car broke down right after we left the house. I was late for school and missed the Math test. I also ate a cake (I usually eat fruits) and it gave me a stomachache. And my best friend, Anna, didn’t go, so I had to sit with Peter. He is so annoying!


Which verbs are in the present tense?






Which verbs are in the past tense?






Write the past form of the following verbs:


go - _____________

give - ___________

break down - __________

leave - ___________

miss - ___________

eat - _____________

have - __________










Write the following sentences in the past tense (attention: maybe you’ll have to erase words from the original ones):



1. Is it raining cats and dogs now!


__________________________________ (yesterday)


2. I always eat toast with butter for breakfast.


__________________________________ (last Sunday)



3. I have a headache now.


__________________________________ (last night)



4. My mother always gives me chocolate.


__________________________________ (this morning)



5. I am going to miss the Maths test!


__________________________________ (last week)


6. I’m afraid the car will break down.


__________________________________ (yesterday)



7. I will go to France next year.


__________________________________ (last year)



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