Welcome to May 2021!

Dance around a Maypole to celebrate Spring

Mayday is the 1st day of May. It is a celebration of Spring and also known as the International Day of the Workers. Old traditions included crowning a May queen and dancing around a pole with ribbons known as a Maypole. More recently it has become an opportunity for parades and political demonstrations on the theme of work.

Practise your reading skills with the poem below by W.H. Davies. It is set in the month of May.

There's lots of useful vocabulary and some good grammatical structures. Read it slowly - notice how the words at the end of each line rhyme. Find the meaning of any new words and try and use them in your conversations or write some sentences!

               IN MAy                                                              w.H. Davies

Yes, I will spend the livelong day
With Nature in this month of May;
And sit beneath the trees, and share
My bread with birds whose homes are there;
While cows lie down to eat, and sheep
Stand to their necks in grass so deep;
While birds do sing with all their might,
As though they felt the earth in flight.
This is the hour I dreamed of, when
I sat surrounded by poor men;
And thought of how the Arab sat
Alone at evening, gazing at
The stars that bubbled in clear skies;

And of young dreamers, when their eyes
Enjoyed methought a precious boon
In the adventures of the Moon
Whose light, behind the Clouds' dark bars,
Searched for her stolen flocks of stars.
When I, hemmed in by wrecks of men,
Thought of some lonely cottage then
Full of sweet books; and miles of sea,
With passing ships, in front of me;
And having, on the other hand,
A flowery, green, bird-singing land.


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