June in the UK! Sunshine, flowers and lots of exams!

Lots of you are busy practising for your exams this month.  Only practice makes perfect your speaking, listening, reading and writing. So just remember,  if you practise you will pass. I don't want to hear you say "If I had practised I would have passed." (Although grammatically it is a  well-constructed 3rd conditional sentence it would mean you didn't pass because you hadn't studied so that is why I don't want to hear it!)

The three conditional sentences:

If you bring me flowers I will be happy ( You could bring me flowers and I think you will.....)

If you brought me flowers I would be happy ( You could bring me flowers but I am not sure you will.....)

If you had brought me flowers I would have been happy. ( You didn't bring me flowers so I was unhappy)

Present + future

Past + conditional

Past perfect + conditional perfect

Practise or Practice?

Practise ( verb) some of your own. Remember practice ( noun) makes perfect!

Good luck with the exams! 


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