Grammar practice : Subject – verb agreement

Subject – verb agreement

In the following text, the writer has made mistakes with subject-verb agreement.  Some of the verbs and pronouns are incorrect.  

Find the mistakes and underline them. Write the correct forms in brackets behind the errors. The first one has been done for you.  There are 18 errors in total.


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art developed originally by African slaves who had been brought to Brazil to farms (farm) the plantations in Brazil.  Many of the slaves come from the west coast of Africa, where they practised martial arts, but when they was brought to Brazil, they is not able to practise their sport because it were banned by the plantation owners, who see it as a threat.

Capoeira are performed with a partner and there is songs and music that accompany the movements.  Some of the songs and music is very slow.  This are called ‘Angola’ while ‘Regional’ music and songs is much faster in tempo.  Capoeiristas, which are the name for people who practise capoeira, performs moves with their partners.  This are called the ‘ginga’, where you practise your skills.  There is different types of moves, which falls into the following categories:  attack, defence, combinations and acrobatics.  

Action films and computer games has made capoeira popular.  Lots of computer fighting games have characters who uses capoeira as their style of choice.

Adapted from Literacy Teacher’s Handbook Level 1 (ISBN 9781846901379)


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