Worksheet 11 Holidays 1

Online session planning - Prepare to speak about holidays

A popular topic in oral assessments is holidays. You may be asked to speak about a holiday you have had, one you are planning or your dream holiday.

Prepare answers to the questions below and we can have a really good chat!

Speak about a holiday you have had. So you are using the past tenses.

We can use this as a discussion and you can produce a presentation too.

Where did you go?
With whom?
How did you travel?
Tell me about the journey ( Did you have any problems? Was it comfortable?)
Where did you stay? ( Speak about your accommodation)
What did you do? (tell me about activities you did and places you visited - this is a good opportunity to  give good descriptions with lots of  adjectives please)adjectives  )
What was the best part of the holiday? And the worst?
Would you ever go there again?

now look at worksheet 12


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